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New Dressage Association, Inc is here to support our youth. With clinics, shows, awards, articles, and other events dedicated to our Junior/Young riders. NEWDA's Jr/Yr members also have access to a scholarship dedicated just to them! Check out what our Jr/Yrs have been up to and feel free to contact NEWDA's Jr/Yr Representative with any questions you might have.

Interview with Haleigh Kruse

In an interview with our JR/YR rider representative Haleigh Kruse, I learned many interesting things including what the colored flags mean going cross country.

For your information and to tickle your brain a bit. Thank you, Haleigh, for your time and stories.

Haleigh lives in just outside of Beloit, Wisconsin, literally on the Stateline. She has many horses on the property but mainly competes her 15-year-old Standardbred Beware of R Party whom she adopted from New Vocations racehorse adoption. She did very nicely last year with him in combined training and was recognized at the Catherine B Jacobs Region 2 Schooling Show awards. She has an up and coming 6-year-old that was also adopted, a Thoroughbred gelding named Lucara that she plans to have show ready this summer. She mainly competes in Combined Training and likes Dressage the best, but says the Party enjoys the jumping more. He especially likes going fast in the stadium round.

She graduated from Brodhead High School in 2019 and has just started college and is working towards her RN. In addition to school and horses she works at Sam’s in the bakery and is an incredible jam maker... I know because I got a sample of her Blackberry. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends though family is equally as important.

Junior/Youth New Dressage Membership
  • Beginner Novice: Black numbers on a yellow background
  • Novice: Black numbers on a white background
  • Training: White numbers on a black background
  • Modified: Orange numbers on a blue background
  • Preliminary: White numbers on a green background
  • Intermediate: White numbers on a red background
  • Advanced: White numbers on a blue background

  • A few questions for Haleigh so everyone can know her better.

    #1 What are your cross-country colors

    HK #1 I prefer bright colors, nothing special

    #2 Group or private lessons and why?

    HK #2 I prefer a private lesson because I think that I can get more out of the lesson with a one on one rather than have a few people and then also the main focus is my horse and not multiple horses at one time.

    #3 Who does your favorite horse blog?

    HK #3 I don't really follow any horse blogs

    #4 last time you rode.... was it great?

    HK #4 Last time I rode, yes it was great, it always is or well it always end being great. The beginning may be bumpy, but we work through those kinks of the day

    #5 if you could spend a day training with anyone who would it be?

    HK #5 If I could train with anyone it would probably be Charlotte Dujardin

    #6 Are there any clinicians that you would like to have for our area youth and why?

    HK #6 Heather Lindroth is very good she's helped me a lot but she's more of the jumping side.

    Patti Gruber, I’ve seen her do really good things with not only adults but with kids as well

    #7 Bling or not to Bling?

    HK #7 BLING!!!!

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