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USDF Announces New Youth Outreach Clinics

Lexington, KY (February 21, 2017) - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce its new USDF Youth Outreach Clinics. These clinics, held in conjunction with the USDF Junior/Young Rider (Jr/YR) Clinic Series, offer a new educational opportunity for grassroots youth riders. The goal of these clinics is to introduce USDF youth members who are dedicated dressage riders, but who have not yet entered the realm of FEI level competition, to the opportunities offered by USDF's youth pipeline.
The USDF Youth Outreach Clinics will be open to USDF Participating or Group Members between the ages of 10-21, who are able to complete a Training Level test. Each of these clinics will be held over two days, and will include a variety of instruction. On the first day, participants will observe the riding sessions of the Jr/YR Clinic, as a group, with their clinician. They will also participate in the Jr/YR Clinic theory sessions. On the second day, each clinic participant will ride in a 45-minute session with the clinician of the Youth Outreach Clinic.
There will be three clinics offered in 2017. The first of these will be held at Northridge Farm, in Kansas City, MO, in conjunction with the Region 4 USDF Jr/YR Clinic featuring George Williams. Dates and locations for the remaining two clinics are still being considered.
USDF is pleased to add the USDF Youth Outreach Clinics to our growing list of youth offerings. For more information about the USDF Youth Outreach Clinics, or the USDF Junior/Young Rider Clinic Series, contact the USDF office at, or by phone at (859) 971-2277.


Kris Blacklock attends the 2016 Annual Convention

on behalf of NEWDA

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Interested in participating in a Traditional/Western Dressage discipline demo at the 2018 Midwest Horse Fair?  NEWDA Southern Chapter is willing to coordinate if YOU or YOUR Chapter members would like a riding spot, serve as grounds crew, and promote dressage as a hospitality stall ambassador.  

We are looking for riders of all ages, all levels, and all equine breeds.  Please reply back to to let us know if you're interested in this historic opportunity.  To get a flavor of what's expected, please review the discipline info at

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Lindinhof has a huge announcement – our expansion is finished!!

Lindinhof is dressage training facility for horses and riders, located on a 20 acre family farm on the north side of Oregon. The main focus is offering dressage monthly training, sales of top quality horses, and individual lessons. Dressage is an equestrian sport, which can be found in the Olympics and is the foundation for all types of equestrian disciplines. Dressage can benefit all types of horses and riders. The primary goal is to improve the health and balance of the horse, their way of going, as well as defining a clear partnership between horse and rider.

The name Lindinhof is in honor of Megan McIsaac’s parents. Lin is for her mother, Linda, and din is for her father, Dinny, and hof, is farm in German. Megan began her love affair with horses at the age of two and never looked back! In 1992, her parent’s built a 60 x 180 barn, which included three stalls, a shop, and a riding arena. By 2003, Megan had decided that horses were her way of life and incorporated, took out a loan and added on! The end result: elevan stalls, the same indoor riding arena, and an outdoor!

Full speed forward, it is the end of2014, Megan decided to expand again! This time construction brought a new 80 x 200 heated riding arena with one end lined with mirrors to provide comfort to clients and myself through the hard winter month, a connecting hallway, 13 new stalls, a new tack room filled with individual lockers!

This building project was a 15 year dream, but the building process was tough, It took a year and a half to build! The stress of maintaining a business during construction, maintaining a competition schedule, dealing with builders for more than a year on a four month project, firing the original builders, rehiring new builders, changing the budget as well as keeping clients happy and horses healthy. The great news is --- it’s finished!!!

The end result is a beautiful riding hall for horses, riders, and auditors to enjoy. The buildings peak is 24 feet high and there are windows down three sides, which give a spacious feeling and allows natural light in. The east wall is fully lined with mirrors to allow riders to watch their horses dance and to correct their posture. For daily teaching and hosting top clinicians, the building boosts a great sound system for all individuals to hear the detailed instructions. For horses that come into full training, there are thirteen brand new pine stalls lined with black trim. Each stall has individual feeders that slide out and windows. There are three new tack up bays for client to tack up their horses conveniently located across for the tack room. Within the new client tackroom, there is hot water for tea, a tack cleaning station, and individual lockers to put their tack in.

On Saturday, February 16, 2016, Lindinhof and Megan were acknowledged by the Oregon Chamber of Commerce at their Annual Awards Night with the Building Renovation Recognition Award!

Megan McIsaac was a 2014 National Champion with Trakehner gelding, Kingsley at the USDF Finals in Lexington, KY. She is FEI trainer and has her USDF Gold, Silver, Bronze Medalist and all Bars. She has competed two horses at Grand Prix and ten horses to FEI levels. Megan has successfully competed at Dressage at Devon at 4th level and the small tour. She has won multiple year end awards through USDF,

USEF, WDCTA, and NEWDA. Megan’s students have competed through Grand Prix and have earned many rider awards and medals.

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The New Dressage Association, Inc., a USDF GMO, was established in 2009 in response to the changing needs of the Wisconsin dressage community. At NEWDA, our main focus is on education and community building, which we believe gives our members the tools and environment they need to develop themselves as equestrians. Not only is it our goal as an organization to support our members in their pursuits, but to also build strong and meaningful relationships within the greater equestrian community.

NEWDA's mission is to create opportunities for its members to engage in dressage for their enjoyment, for their improvement, and for the benefit of the horse, through education and competition in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. We encourage and expect our members to be ambassadors for the sport of dressage both within our state and the equestrian community as a whole.We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our association and its offerings.

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