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NEWDA, a Group Member Organization affiliate within the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) group membership offers opportunities at many levels: Business, Family, Individual, Junior orSponsorship. With your GM membership, you become eligible to participate in NEWDA's many programs, events and receive membership discounts when offered.

Membership – December 1st – November 30th

* Group membership* (GM) in the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), which includes 10 issues of the award winning USDF Connection magazine; plus access to the digital version. *Any membership received after August 30th will not include a GM membership with USDF or receive any other USDF services. * Group Members cannot participate in USDF Year-End Awards as program requires a separate Participating Member (PM) membership.

* GM is issued directly through a Group Member Organizatio (GMO), not by joining USDF directly.

* Only individuals that renew their USDF Participating, Business, or Group membership before Dec. 30th receive the yearbook issue of USDF Connection.

* ‘Join’ local chapter Facebook groups

* ‘Like’ our Facebook page – New Dressage Association


* Voting membership in a Local Chapter (Central, Eastern, Northeast, Southern, Western)

* NEWDA and USDF website access containing local chapter, state, national and internationalnews, educational articles, shows and clinic information, calendar of events, classified ads and advertisements.

* Eligibility to compete for NEWDA year-end awards

* Eligibility to participate in our NEWDA Scholarship Programs

* Educational seminars, clinics and lectures by local, nationally & internationally known instructors, veterinarians and equestrian experts.

* Competitions sponsored by NEWDA chapters

* Member discounted rate at NEWDA events

* NEWDA offers the opportunity to meet and talk with other horse enthusiasts through chapter meetings, special social events, chapter parties, and annual meeting and awards banquet.


* Access to eTRAK, USDF’s online learning center for dressage and equine education

* Compete at USEF-licensed / USDF-recognized competitions without paying the USDF non-member fee

* ineligibility for USDF Rider Awards

* Eligibility for USDF/Dover Saddlery Adult Amateur National Merit Award

* Access to ‘members only’ section of the USDF website

* eNewsletters sent by USDF to stay in touch with what’s happening

* Free online USDF Group Member card used at USDF competitions

* Participate in the Horse and Rider Together (HART) Program

* Discounted rates at USDF educational events, store and perks from USDF partners

* Eligibility to earn USDF University Program credit

* Eligibility to receive grants, regional Adult Volunteer of the Year award,

* Youth eligibility to receive Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, Shining Star Awards, Arts & Creativity Contest

* Eligibility for the “L” graduate education program

* eNews and grants available from The Dressage Foundation

Business Member Benefits

* Benefits valued at $175

* Includes multiple ads on the website and a Facebook shout out

Note:  New/renewal memberships are processed weekly.  A confirmation welcome email is sent members by a NEWDA volunteer Membership Recorder.  Thank you for your patience.

USDF Discounts

  • 10% Discount - USDF Store
  • Discounted rate at USDF Events

Member Perks

  • USRider ($29 reduction in activation fee for new USRider members)
  • Premier Equestiran (5% discount)

    (25% discount)

    (One Free Month
  • (15% Discount)
    (15% Discount)

USDF Resources

  • 10 issues of USDF Connection and online access to the magazine
  • USDF Member Guide
  • Full access to E-Track, USDF's online learning center for dressage and equine education

  • Full access to, the official USDF source for the most accurate and complete dressage scores

Reminder regarding membership 

Please keep in mind that to be eligible for Adequan/USDF Year-End Awards or to qualify for Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships, you must have a USDF Participating Membership (PM) and your horse must have a USDF Horse Identification Number or a Lifetime Horse Registration at the time scores are earned and qualifying rides are ridden.  This is separate from your NEWDA GMO membership.  


Includes your logo or business card ad on the website (logos preferred), and recognition on the website plus additional benefits


For 18 yrs. & over as of Jan. 1st of the membership year.
Includes USDF Group Membership, & voting privilege for the individual.

1. Primary member + 1 add'l member - $75 
2. Primary member + 2 add'l members - $100

3. Primary member + 3 add'l members - $130

Family membership may be composed of 2,3 or 4 people; Primary (adult) and 1 to 3 additional family members. Additional family member is defined as having the same last name or same home address as primary member as defined by the USDF. This membership includes1 NEWDA voting privilege total and 2 to 4 USDF Group  memberships.
Note: Remember to list all of the member's names and birth dates of any Junior/Young riders.

JUNIOR - $35

Must be 17 or under as of Jan 1st of membership year.
Includes the one USDF Group Membership, & one voting privilege.
Note: Remember to list your birth date with your name on the membership form!


E-mail is our main way of communication for Chapter communication and meeting notices.

Questions: © 2018, The NEW Dressage Association, Inc. NEWDA is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under US Code, section 501(c)(3) incorporated in the state of Wisconsin. All rights reserved.