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2018 NEWDA Southern Chapter Virtual Series

Tests developed by Southern Chapter specifically for their series

In Hand Freestyle - Test 1                                                                 Dressage Trail Introductory - Test 1

In Hand Freestyle - Test 2                                                                 Dressage Trail Intermediate - Test 1

In Hand Liberty Freestyle - Test 1

In Hand Liberty Freestyle - Test 2


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Intro to Western Dressage

Feb 2018 - Working Equitation - Dressage with a Purpose


2017 - Anna Blake's Concept Clinic

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Dec 2015 - Intro to Ground Poles                                                                       May 2016 Yoga for Equestrians

Jan 2016 - Dressage - English or Western Saddle                                            May 2016 - Pre-Intro Lead Line Dressage

2016  Horsemanship Challenge                                                                          June 2016 Six Feet on the Ground

Feb 2016 - Six Feet on the Ground                                                                    June 2016 Dr. Gerd Heuschmann Clinic

Apr 2016 - Rider Bio- Mechanics  

The New Dressage Association Inc (NEWDA) Southern Chapter extends a warm welcome and accolades to our members. Let’s meet Michelle Bailey & SKM Timeless (‘Seiko’), Baraboo WI.

Michelle Bailey has always had a love of horses. “In 2003, at age 22, I was able to convince my parents in half interest purchase of ‘Seiko’, a 9 year old Morgan gelding after a week’s dude ranch vacation in Tucson AZ.  I’ve owned Seiko for the past 12 years, sharing many adventures together – including him walking me down the aisle to Ryan in our Western wedding.  Seiko’s now 21 years old and giving my daughters, Samantha (age 6) and Scarlett (age 1) rides, along with me learning dressage, enjoying family trail rides & competing in endurance events, roping, cattle sorting and exercising our rodeo bull young stock.  We look forward to the variety of opportunities & camaraderie NEWDA offers”

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