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NEWDA Professional Affidavit

(UPDATED: 1.23.12)
NEWDA has elected to adopt the United States Equestrian Federation’s rules regarding the status of a professional rider.

From the USEF Rule Book (

1. A person who engages in the activities described in GR1306.1 is considered a professional for all competitions conducted under Federation rules.

2. A professional continues to be such until he/she has received amateur status by a vote of the Hearing Committee. Any professional who wishes to be re-classified as an amateur on the grounds that he/she has not engaged in the activities which made him/her a professional within the last 12 months must notify the Federation in writing.

a. Such person shall submit to the Hearing Committee an amateur reclassification request
which is supported by:
(1) a notarized letter signed by him or her outlining the horse related activities (using specific dates) which made said person a professional and outlining the activities performed within the 12 month period (or  longer) since professional activities have ceased,
(2) two or more notarized letters from any Senior active Federation members stating the relationship with the applicant and outlining the applicant’s activities for the one year period preceding such written  notification advising and testifying that the applicant has not engaged in any activities which would make him/her a professional as outlined in GR1306.1 during that time period,
(3) a processing fee of $50,
(4) a signed amateur certification located on USEF Membership application. The burden of proof of proving amateur status is on the applicant. The Hearing Committee may call for and/or consider any and all further evidence and facts which it deems pertinent. The decision of the Hearing Committee on the reclassification request shall be final.
b. Any changes of status from professional to amateur, or vice versa, will be published on the
Federation’s web site.
3. Any person who under these rules is a professional and knowingly and falsely represents
himself/herself to be an amateur by declaring or maintaining current amateur certification issued
by the Federation, and any person who violates any of the provisions of this rule will be subject to
disciplinary action under Chapter 7.

4. An exhibitor who engages a person to ride, drive or show in halter in any amateur class and then
remunerates such person above and beyond the extent to which such amateur is entitled as
provided above in GR1306.2e. will be subject to disciplinary action under Chapter 7.

5. Please contact the Federation office for information regarding International Professional Licenses.

Professional Affidavit Agreement

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