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 Feb 3 - Central Chapter Meeting

Feb 28 - Southern Chapter Phone Chat


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The Dressage Foundation has added up the numbers and wanted to share that they were able to award $53,000 to non-profit dressage groups in 2015 for educational events.  All of this due to the support of many generous donors throughout the years.

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Equine Sports Zentrum thanks their wonderful clients for their loyalty and commitment in 2015! 

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USEF Rule Change


Effective Feb 1, 2016 for test error calculation to keep USEF rules consistent with the FEI rules for Dressage test error calculations.  

Link to rule book


Welcome to all our members new and renewing! We have a great New Year ahead of us. 

A very special welcome to our renewed Southern Chapter! It is so great to see all the enthusiasm and new ideas they have brought to the organization.  I have watched Kris Blacklocks posting about riding in that subzero temps; my hats off to all the dedicated riders.  This chick stayed home nice and toasty.  Many thanks to my daughter, Maxine, who takes care of the horses; to all who take care of animals in the bad weather. 

We have a lot of members taking on new positions in our organization. I hope you can appreciate all that the people filling these duties are doing. Without them there would be no organization, no shows, no clinics. Please step up and help where you are able; please be patient and courteous as we learn new roles. 

I am looking forward to our annual meeting March 12. I am told members have been asking for the sign up form; that is good news. The board meeting is Saturday morning come and join us; say hi, we want your input. There are always new things happening. We would love to hear your ideas on improving our ability to help you; ideas on fundraising so that more can be provided. 

It is goal setting time and show planning time. Your Chapter is the place to go to set plans in motion to get the help you would like to see in your area. Come together with old friends and meet new ones. Have a great New Year. 

Happy Riding,

Sally Tiegs  

2016 Yummy Membership Contest

Membership renewals are due! You received your forms in the mail with a return, self-addressed envelope included. What could be easier? Some of you have still not returned your renewals though!

 Here’s a contest to see which chapter returns the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of renewals and new members before January 15th. The winning chapter will receive a $50 gift card toward pizza or other yummies for their next chapter meeting. The winning chapter will be announced at the Annual Meeting & Banquet on March 12th.

Here’s how the winning chapter percentage will be determined:  (Number of 2016 Renewals + New Members) divided by the number of 2015 members

Talk it up and get those membership renewals in! Get new members to join! Call or text me at 414.870.1320 and I’ll send you forms if you need forms. Email also works

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About Us

The New Dressage Association Was established in 2009 in response to the changing needs of the Wisconsin dressage community. At NEWDA, our main focus is on education and community building, which we believe gives our members the tools and environment they need to develop themselves as equestrians. Not only is it our goal as an organization to support our members in their pursuits, but to also build strong and meaningful relationships within the greater equestrian community.

Our Mission

NEWDA's mission is to create opportunities for its members to engage in dressage for their enjoyment, for their improvement, and for the benefit of the horse, through education and competition in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. We encourage and expect our members to be ambassadors for the sport of dressage both within our state and the equestrian community as a whole.We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our association and its offerings.

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NEWDA offers membership opportunities at many levels: Business, Family, Individual, Junior and Subscribing. With your membership, you become eligible to participate in NEWDA's many programs and events, andto receive membership discounts when offered. Check out our "Membership" tab for more details.

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